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Preparing the Students of Today for the World of Tomorrow

Adelante Academy was founded on almost 80 years of elite education and teaching experience. Our teaching system combines proven methods of learning from the most successful schools in the country, backed by our parent school, Lyndon Academy. Adelante Academy is an online private school dedicated to offering parents and students a viable alternative to traditional classroom learning.

Adelante Academy offers a self-paced program that allows students to receive individualized curriculum, support from our teachers and academic guidance counselors, and access to their course work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Adelante Academy provides one of the most elite and advanced online curriculums to students all over the world. Founded on the belief that, students looking for a quality education deserve the ability to receive the highest quality education possible, we strive to provide educational excellence on a daily basis. Our headmaster, Linda Murdock, opened her first school in 2005 and has been determined to improve the educational options available to parents and students. Through an interdisciplinary approach, Linda Murdock and Adelante Academy, teach students to play an active role in their own education, to learn how to ask the right questions and make pertinent connections and decisions, and to be global citizens.

The teachers and staff of Adelante Academy are committed to the success of each student, in not only learning and understanding the lessons included in their grade level, but also to be properly prepared for advancement. Only Adelante Academy can provide the perfect combination of individual education, advanced technology, a supportive and caring staff, and the desire to see every one of our students advance on a personal and educational level, all while knowing our students are able to work at their own pace and from the safety of their home.